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M button is used to switch functions, and “+” or “-” button are used to switch the options of the functions.

Fault phenomenon like blanking screen, flickering screen might happen when battery power is insufficient. Please fully charge the battery and check whether the issue can be improved.

Regulating screw is used to fix UTx318 infrared thermal monocular on the battery compartment. Rotate the regulating wheel to adjust the tightness of installation.

Battery compartment of the external display screen comes with two-section batteries with 3200mAh. Batteries are detachable and rechargeable via a purchased battery socket. Also, battery compartment can be used as an emergency power supply for UTx318 infrared thermal monocular.

The optional external display screen consists of a HD screen with 840 x 520 pixels, a handheld battery compartment, a charging cable with Type-C interface and an MCX cable.

Objects might be blurry without calibrating camera parameters (ex. Fail to focus). Please calibrate camera parameters by following the steps below before taking photos.

①Make sure battery power is sufficient;

②Clean the dust covers on lens surface via rubber suction bulb. Stubborn stain can be clean via soft cloth;

③Adjust Focus regulating wheel and diopter regulating wheel until the objects clearly shown;

④Short press Palette button, after display screen goes black, press Palette button again to calibrate Shutter.

Note: Environment factors (such as Focal length, Emissivity, etc.) will affect the definition of images, you can repeat the above steps before taking photos every time.

Only the latest 50 photos can be viewed on the device local. If you wanna glance over all photos, please check it on PC.

To ensure reasonable storage speed, after image storage amount reaches 900, system will remind the remaining storage capacity when saving a new photo. After storage amount reaches 1000, remaining capacity is empty will be shown. In other words, new photos cannot be saved successfully. In order not to affect the use, please termly connect your device to PC to back up and delete the photos.

After switched the magnification multiple, data won’t be memorized automatically. After rebooted the device, magnification multiple will be recovered to 1X. It is not an abnormality, please rest assure to use the device.

UTx318 owns UL battery certification, RoHS certification, and CE certification. If you want to download the relevant certificates, please contact our sales personnel.

Please be assured that UTx318 has passed the strict tests before launching. It can withstand falls from 2 meters height. Also, it owns IP67 certificate.

Connect the device to PC via the standard USB cable. Device will be automatically recognized as U disk by PC, enter U disk folder to download or delete photos.

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