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UTx318 supports both Chinese and English. It can be switched from Settings>Languages.

UTx318 does not support to expand storage capacity. The built-in storage capacity is 16GB, details can be checked in Settings>Product Info.

DDE (Digital Details Enhancement) is based on image algorithm technology, which real-time displays the key info captured from visible mode on thermal images, such as lines, edges, etc. DDE mode includes “EDGE” and “DETAIL”, which can be selectable in Settings>DDE.

The regulating wheel near eyepiece is diopter regulating wheel, which is used to meet the needs of the users with different degree of myopia. Adjust diopter regulating wheel until the visible area gets clear.

That is MCX interface, which can transmit thermal images to external display screen.

Note: Video Format must be enabled first.

Communication interface of UTx318 is applied Type-C design, which is used for charging and data transmission.

Blindfold of UTx318 adopts detachable design. However, it is not recommended to take it off, main reasons are as below:

  • Avoid eyepiece damage caused by directly exposure to strong light. Moreover, prevent dust invasion;
  • Ensure not be disturbed when using the equipment for observation;
  • Avoid eyes or device damage caused by the external impact during observation. Blindfold is made of silica gel material, which acts as a buffer against pressure.

No charging prompt showing on display screen when the device is off. Please power on your device to check the remaining battery power.

Power button flickers red light when battery power is insufficient, please timely charge your device via the adapter with safety certificate.

Don’t worry, please follow the steps below to eliminate:

①Check if objective is covered by protected cap;

Short press Power button to confirm whether thermal images are available. If yes, it indicates that shutter is closed. Shutter will be closed when calibrating, it needs to manually open it by pressing Power button again;

③Connect the device to the optional screen component to confirm whether thermal images are available. If yes, it indicates that video format is enabled. You can long press Palette button to call out Settings Menu and switch off video format;

Reboot the device to check whether the issue can be solved.

If the above measures are useless, please contact our technology personnel.

When the device is on, long press shooting button to activate Laser, and a cross cursor will simultaneously display on the center of display screen.

Note: There is a certain deviation between the center point and the laser point.

UTx318 takes less than 4 hours to charge the battery from empty to full. Adapter with 5V/1A and 5V/2A specification are suitable for UTx318. Please use the adapter with safety certificate for battery charging.

Note: No charging reminder when the device is off.

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