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Does UTx318 support to manually calibrate?

There are 3 calibration modes available on UTx318, including Background calibration, Shutter calibration, and Auto calibration.

Background calibration:

  • FunctionInstruction: In some special usage scenarios, imaging quality will be weakened when there are much difference between operating temperature and ambient temperature, and it cannot be well compensated by shutter calibration. In this case, background calibration is a best choice.
  • Principle: Put a uniform surface in front of the movement during calibration to ensure the uniform radiation can be collected by the detector, and then detector focal plane array is homogenized;
  • Operation steps: Enter Settings menu by long pressing Palette button, selecting Background calibration by touching Zooming button and “Shutter”, Short press Palette button to confirm. Covers the lens, then short press Palette button again to calibrate background;

Shutter calibration:

  • Function Instruction: Optimize imaging effect by compensating lights.
  • Principle: Add a shutter plate into the internal of the equipment during calibrating, which ensures that the detector focal plane array collects uniform radiation of the shutter plate
  • Operation step: Short press Power button to calibrate shutter when the device is on. Shutter will be closed automatically during calibrating. Press Power button again to finish calibration.

Auto Calibration:

  • Automatically calibrate camera parameters based on software algorithm, and correct imaging effect.
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