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UTi256G/UTi384G provides 3 photo modes, including “Photo”, “Video”, and “Timed photo shooting”, which can be switched in Settings>Photo mode.

The temperature range that UTi256G & UTi384G support to measure is between -20℃ to 550℃.

If the image tags such as “Date and time”, “Emissivity”, “Battery power”, etc. are needed to be shown on the home page, please enable them in Settings>Image tags.

Slightly touch the screen on home page to call out functions menu, tap the first icon to adjust the parameters of “Emissivity”, “Optical transmittance”, “Reflected temperature”, and “Relative humidity”. Also, “Target distance” can be adjusted in Settings.

UTi256G/UTi384G adopts touch display screen design. On home interface, swipe inside/outside the screen via two fingers to zoom in/out the images.

Slide downward from the upper of the screen to promptly call out shortcut center on home interface. Data transmission switches such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. can be controlled optionally. Also, users can check the storage capacity and adjust screen brightness.

UTi256G/UTi384G supports “Sleep mode” and “Auto power off” function, which are effective for saving battery operating time.

Sleep Mode: Short press Power button to enter sleep mode when the device is on. (Note: Battery power will still be consumed even though it enters sleep mode, it is recommended to shut down the device when it is not necessary for working)

Auto Power Off: Auto power off function is built-in on the settings menu. Customers can select the settings according to the actual conditions.

UTi256G/UTi384G supports to add Point, Line, Rectangle, and Circle. For UTi256G, up to 3 graphics can be added for each type. For UTi384G, up to 5 graphics can be added for each type.

Sure. UTi256G/UTi384G has IP54 certificate. Please be assured to use it.

Note: To ensure the products can work well, it is not recommended to perform non-professional waterproof or dustproof tests on the products.

The standard accessories of UTi256G/UTi384G including two Li-ion battery pack, micro SD card, Hand strap, Type-C USB cable, English manual, and documents download operation guide card.

The battery pack of UTi256G/UTi384G adopts snap-on design, which is allowed to be detached.

The buckle on the side of the product shell is used to hang the hand strap. It is convenient for the users to carry the product anywhere and anytime. And reduce the risk of product damage caused by falling by accident.

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