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The black trigger is used to enable laser pointer, and the red trigger is for photo capturing and video recording.

With excellent temperature measurement performance and manual focus function, UTi256G/UTi384G is widely used for remote measuring in electric power industry.

The main components consist of UTi256G/UTi384G including a 3.5” touch display screen, a focus adjusting wheel, dual LED lighting, an infrared camera, a digital camera, and a laser pointer.

Differences between UTi256G and UTi384G are shown as below:

IR Resolution: UTi256G is with 256×192 resolution, for UTi384G is 384×288.

FOV: FOV value of UTi256G is 28°x 20°, for UTi384G is 42°x 30°.

On Screen Analyzer: UTi256G supports to add 3 points/3 lines/3 rectangles/3 circles. UTi384G supports to add 5 points/5 lines/5 rectangles/5 circles.

Video Recording: UTi256G does not support video recording function, but UTi384G does.

The main features of UTi256G/UTi384G are shown as below:

①Touch Display Screen: Equipped with a 3.5” touch display screen with 640 x 480 resolution, which shows infrared images clearly & intuitively, and save time of frequent operation.

②Manual Focusing: Equipped with an adjustable focusing ring, easy to handle near and far shooting distance.

③MIF: Adopt a brand new algorithm technology “T-Mix” for image blending, which can clearly show heat radiation info of IR image and texture info of visual image simultaneously. Furthermore, benefited by the powerful algorithm technology, image can be automatic registered by one-tap , which greatly saves operation time for manual registration.

④Video Recording: Support to output video file in MP4 format. (Note: Video recording function is only available on UTi384G)

⑤Laser Pointer & LED Lighting: Equipped with dual LED lighting and laser pointer with class 2 grade.

⑥Voice Recording & Audio Annotation: Record the external sound while recording video. Add text & audio annotation for the captured photos.

⑦Analysis software: PC & APP analysis software can be downloaded from the official website. The software integrates “photo analysis”, “report generation”, “data share”, etc. functions. Moreover, Wi-Fi streaming is also provided by App software, which meets the needs of multiple device synchronized online.

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