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In the case of optical devices, set optical instrument’s lens as vertex, the angle formed by two edges of the maximum range that the image of the measured objects can pass through called FOV (Filed of view). With the same resolution, the larger the FOV, the wider the range of observed objects, but more blurred the images.

Temperature compensation technology is used to weaken or eliminate the measurement error caused by ambient temperature changes. Its principle is calculating the changes of sensor’s temperature emissivity, ambient temperature, etc. values to correct the measurement data.

Technology that converting object surface’s temperature distribution into a visible image through the special electronic equipment and displaying the temperature distribution in different colors called thermal imaging technology.

All objects above absolute zero (-273℃) emit infrared radiation. Find and recognize targets by using infrared radiation images formed by radiation differences between objects.

Infrared thermal imagers are usually composed of infrared detector/refrigerator unit, infrared optical lens, optical unit, focusing/magnifying unit, internal non-uniformity correction unit, imaging circuit unit, etc.

Infrared thermal cameras are one of the devices that support to collect infrared radiation (heat energy) and convert them into a visual image with temperature data.

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