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①Keep away from pyrogen and combustion source;

②Keep away from sunshine;

③Do not dismantle or squeeze the battery pack;

④Take out the battery pack to prevent battery fluid leakage to damage thermal imager when thermal imager is idle for a long term;

⑤Use a regular and in line with the charging specifications of the power adapter for charging;

⑥Keep the battery pack clean and dry;

⑦Clean battery connection interface via a soft brush or dry cotton swab.

Using rubber suction bulb to clean the dust covers on the surface of LCD screen first. If there is stubborn dust or vapor on it, please slightly clean it via the professional cleaning wiping cloth or dry soft cloth.

Note: Do not use excessive force during cleaning to avoid damage to the screen.

The surface of the infrared thermal imaging lens is attached with a fine anti-reflective coating. Do not use too much force to damage the anti-reflective coating. If professional cleaning equipment is available, you can clean the lens surface particles via compressed air tank or dry nitrogen ion gun. Otherwise, soak the flannelette in lens cleaner containing alcohol, ethanol or vinyl. Before cleaning, remove the excess liquid from the cloth and gently wipe the lens surface in a circular motion.

Material adopted by body shell of infrared thermal imager is silicon gel, it is recommended to clean with a cloth dipped in mild alkaline soapy water. Do not clean with corrosive liquid such as abradant, isopropanol, and dissolvent.

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