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Device will not be powered off automatically when its surrounding ambient temperature is too high/low. However, it might cause the device damaged, please store or use the device within the specified temperature range.

Rate level may vary from different SD cards. It is divided into 5 levels at present, including Class2/4/6/8/10. Class10 is the highest level, whose read and write speed is fastest. Speed of reading and writing data will be affected if using SD card with low rate level, which may cause lagging. It is recommended to use the original SD card, it has already passed the tests before launching, which can meet your daily use.

The methods as below can improve the fluency of the device:

①As the number of photos stored increase, storage space of the device will inevitably decrease. Please back up data termly, clear the unnecessary or duplicate photos to release storage space is effective to improve device fluency.

②Using the original or regular external memory card, or speed of reading and writing data will be affected.

③Keep system to the latest version. System upgrade improves system stability, and solve the compatibility problems on old version.

It needs to take some time for system upgrade. Please wait 3 to 5 minutes to check whether upgrade process will be automatically finished or not. If long time no response on the device, forcibly shut down the device by long-pressing Power button or removing battery pack. After that, try to power on the device. If it can be powered on normally, please back up data first, then format SD card, and repeat the steps to system upgrade. If fail to upgrade system, please contact our technology personnel.

Long-press Power button to forcibly shut down the device. After the screen goes black, long-press Power button to power on the device. If there is no any response when trying to forcibly shut down the device, and the battery type of the device is detachable, you can remove the battery pack to shut down the device.

①Visit official website to check whether there is the latest firmware for your device. If yes, and firmware version is higher than the current version of your device, please upgrade your device to the latest version (contact us for upgrade details)

②Back up data, perform “Reset to factory”.

If the issue still exists, please contact us in time.

The reasons as below may cause the device power off automatically. Please eliminate one by one:

①The device cannot be powered on normally when the battery power is insufficient. Please charge your device for 20mins for a try;

②Auto Power off is activated. The device will power off automatically when there is no any action on it within the preset time. Go check whether Auto power off is activated in Menu>Settings>Auto power off.

If the issue still exists, please back up the data first, then perform Factory Reset in Menu>Settings>Factory Reset. If the issue still cannot be solved, please contact us timely.

Device may fail to be powered on due to the following factors:

①Battery power is insufficient. Charge the device via the regular USB cable and adapter for 20 mins. Long press Power key to turn on the device for a try (If the battery pack is dismountable, click battery key to check the remaining power);

②Ambient temperature is too low. If ambient temperature is too low, Li-ion battery activity will be reduced, which may cause the device not work normally. Please store the device in a place with suitable operating temperature. Use the device until its temperature recover to normal.

If the above factors have been eliminated, and the issue still exists, please contact us in time.

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