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Keep your hands and device stable during shooting process. Most of our devices have bracket screw hole design, support to be fixed via tripod mount.

Don’t worry, here are some methods that may help you:

①If the device has not been used for a long time, please wait for 15 to 20 minutes after it is on to ensure the normal use of the device.

②If the object releases heat in a relative fixed position for a long while, heat in its position might still be remained after the objects gone, and ghosting will be seen through infrared thermal imagers. Please be noted that it is a normal phenomenon. You can verify it through changing another time or scene to take photos.

③Reboot the device to check whether ghosting issues can be optimized or not.

④Upgrade system version to the latest.

⑤Calibrating the device manually. Calibration method may vary from different models, please contact our technology personnel for more details.

Calibrating character will appear on device screen when environment factors (such as Emissivity, Focus distance, etc.) changes during shooting process. Its function is to improve measurement accuracy and reduce measurement errors by calibrating camera parameters automatically.

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