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UNI-T Released Industrial Thermal Cameras with Manual Focus Lens-UTi256G/UTi384G

On October 25th, 2022, UNI-T released the professional thermal cameras -UTi256G/UTi384G. They are with manual focus lens and 3’5’’ large touchscreen that specially designed for industrial use. They support a wide temperature measurement range of -20℃~550℃, which can meet the needs in many different industries.

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Product Features:

  • 3.5″ IPS touchscreen (640×480)
  • IR resolution: 256×192 (UTi256G), 384×288  (UTi384G)         
  • Temperature measurement range: -20℃ to 550℃                                
  • On screen analyzer :3 Points/3 Lines/3 Rectangles/3 Circles (UTi256G) 5 Points/5 Lines/5 Rectangles/5 Circles (UTi384G)
  • Digital camera resolution: 5MP
  • Focus: Manual focus
  • Digital zoom: 2x, 4x
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection through Mobile App
  • PC software: analysis and real-time image projection
  • Video recording (UTi384G support)
  • Voice recording
  • Image modes: Thermal,Visual image,Fusion,PIP
  • Color palettes: 7 (White hot, Black hot, Red hot, Ironbow, HC Rainbow, Rainbow, Lava)
  • Isotherm : 5(Auto/Manual/Above/Below/Section)
  • 5200mAh replaceable battery pack (Type C rechargeable)
  • IP54
  • 2m drop proof


Solar panel inspection, electric power tower inspection, electricity facilities inspection, automotive maintenance,mechanical equipment inspection, heating equipment inspection, building&HVAC inspection and other wide range applications: petrochemical,metallurgy,industry etc.


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