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How many types of infrared detector can be divided into?

Infrared Detector is the heart of thermal camera devices. Its main feature is to convert infrared radiation into electrical signal. Infrared detector can be divided into cooled and uncooled detectors.

Cooled detector: Based on photovoltaic detector and photon detection, integrated cryogenic cooler is used to cool down the detector. Its purpose is to make the thermal noise signal lower than the imaging signal. Cooled detectors are commonly used in military applications (e.g., Space equipment, Warships, etc.).

  • Advantages: High sensitivity, high accuracy, long detection distance, fast response time, and stable performance.
  • Disadvantages: Large power consumption, high-cost, low flexibility.

Uncooled detector: Based on microbolometer & thermal detection, uncooled detector mainly includes polysilicon and vanadium oxide, which is usually used in civilian field (e.g., Circuit inspection, equipment maintenance, etc.)

  • Advantages: Low power consumption, low-cost, high flexibility.
  • Disadvantages: Low sensitivity, slow response time, short detection distance.
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