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User Manual can be found from Setting>Help.

After Hi/Lo temperature alarm is enabled, a red/green triangle graphic will appear on the screen as reminder when the measuring temperature is higher and lower than the preset value.

Temperature mark can be enabled/disabled in Setting>Temperature mark.

Both snapshot capturing and video recording are supported on UTi720M/UTi721M. Slide left/right from the Shutter button to switch between photo capturing and video recording modes.

Total 7 color palettes are available on UTi720M/UTi721M, including Iron, Rainbow, White Hot, Red Hot, Black Hot, Lava, and Rainbow HC.

Hold and drag the created measuring tool to the areas outside of the viewfinder to delete the single measuring tool. If you wanna delete all created measuring tools at once, please tap “Trash” icon and select “Yes”.

Sure. UTi720M/UTi721M is featured with On screen analyzer function. Users can manually add measuring tools such as Point, Line, and Rectangle. Up to 3 graphics can be added for each type, and total 9 graphics can be shown on the screen simultaneously.

While a human graphic appears beside the temperature measuring values, it indicates that the current measuring mode is Human body mode. Human body mode is more suitable for measuring and monitoring temperature of human being. If you want to switch Industry mode, please enter Setting>Modes.

Note: Human body mode is only available on UTi721M.

PIP is a image mode to show thermal image and visual image simultaneously. Tap the icon on the right side of Shutter button to activate PIP mode.

Total 3 image modes supported on UTi720M/UTi721M, including Thermal, Fusion, and PIP.

Mirror function is used to flip thermal images. On vertical mode, tap mirror icon to flip thermal image to left/right, or flip thermal image to up/down on landscape mode.

UTi720M/UTi721M cannot be recognized successfully if OTG function is disabled. Please make sure OTG is enable before connecting UTi720M/UTi721M to your mobile phone. If the issue still exists even though OTG is enabled, please contact us timely.

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