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All of our products have passed the strict and professional tests before launching. Benefit by the ingenious structure design and materials, which ensures that the device will not be damaged when dropped from 2m height. Meanwhile, UTi720E passed the standard test of IP level, and obtained IP54 certificates, please be assured to use it.

UTi720E passed CE, FCC, and UKCA certificates. Certificates logos are print on the side surface of the device. If you need the credentials proof, please contact your sale.

To facilitate the user to browse the images more clearly, users can project the screen to PC by connecting the device to PC Analysis App. Detailed steps are as below:

  1. Download & install PC Analysis App from UNI-T’s website
  2. Connect the device to PC with the original Type-C to USB cable;
  3. Select “USB Projection” on UTi720E in Menu>Settings>USB Mode;
  4. Open the installed app on PC, then switch to ApowerMirror mode, and you will see the real-time imaging.

UTi720E supports WiFi download photos function. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Download & install app on your phone from UNI-T website
  2. Turn on Wi-Fi Hotspot on UTi720E inMenu>Settings>Wi-Fi;
  3. Connect your phone to UTi720E’s personal hotspot;
  4. Open the installed app>tap “Device” button>choose “UTi720E” and click “Sure” (If connected successfully, connection icon will display in color);
  5. Tap “Photomode”>tap “Local”>select “Remote” and click “Sure”>click “Select” icon at the upper right corner>choose the photos you want to download>tap download iconat the bottom to save them on your phone.

When the battery power is insufficient, a red battery icon with exclamation point will flicker on display screen as reminder. Please charge your device timely when the icon appears.

UTi720E is equipped with a replaceable Li-ion battery pack with 5200mAh. It can continuous operating at least 3.5 hours after fully charged.

Note: Result from lab test data, actual performance may vary depending on different usage scenarios.

Time-Lapse can be enabled/disable in Menu>Settings>Camera model. Time interval is selectable (10s~1000s). After the switch is turned on, tap photography trigger slightly to trigger. If the shooting process is not be interrupted artificially, device will keep photographing until storage capacity or batter power is insufficient. If you need to interrupt it manually, just tap the trigger again.

Tap “SET” button to call out main menu, select “Markup”, choose “Hi Spot” and “Lo Spot” icon. When the icons show in color, it indicates that Hi/Lo temperature tracking function is activated. Once enabled, tracking frames and temperature display on the viewing.

UTi720E supports 2x and 4x digital zoom. Tap “Up” button on home screen to trigger it (Zooming multiple icon displays beside battery icon).

Note: Digital zoom only works in Thermal, Fusion , and Digital modes.

Tap “SET” button to call out main menu, select “Measure”, choose “Clear”, and click “OK” to remove all added measurement tools at once.

Measurement tools supported on UTi720E including Point (up to 3), Line (Up to 1), Rectangle (up to 3), and Circle (up to 3). Maximum number of tools can be added simultaneously is up to 6. Tools bar can be called out by tapping “SET” button>Measure.

Yeah. Total 6 styles of Isotherm supported on UTi720E, including “Auto”, “Ratio”, “Below”, “Above”, “Section”, and “Manual”, which can be found in Menu>Isotherm.

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