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UTi712S has CE, UKCA, and RoHS certificates. Certificates logos are print on the device surface. If certificates numbers are needed, please contact your sellers.

UTi712S with a tough appearance, which passes 2m drop test. It also obtains IP54 level certification. Please be assured to use that.

UTi712S adopts Type-C connection interface, which locates at the upper of the device. Details can be found from product structure instruction of user manual.

Sure. UTi712S supports to install an SD card. An 16GB SD card is attached in package.

Warmly tips: To avoid data loss, it would be better to plug out SD card after the device is powered off.

Output power of UTi712S’s original adapter is 10W (5V~2A), it only takes 2.5 hours to fully charged from 0 at stand by status. To ensure the battery life, you are recommended to charge the device by the original adapter.

Note: The result is from lab test data. Actual performance may vary depending on different usage conditions.

UTi712S can continuous operating at least 8 hours after fully charged.

Note: The result is from lab test data. Actual performance may vary depending on different usage conditions.

Shooting Date, Time, Emissivity, Center temperature, Hi temp, Lo temp, Resolution, Size, etc. important data will be noted on the imaging. For the details, please check it in Menu>ImageView.

Don’t worry, frequently-used emissivity sheet has been attached in user manual, you can refer it to cope with different photography scenarios. Emissivity can be adjusted in Menu>Settings>Emissivity.

Sure. UTi712S is equipped with an intellectualized alarm system, which can be found in Menu>HI/LO Alert. Once the features are activated, system will alert the users by buzzing, flickering LED flashlight, and showing warning icons when the measured temperature is higher or lower than the preset alarm values.

Amount of system languages built-in on UTi712S are total 5, including English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian, which can be switched in Menu>Settings>Languages.

Rear triple cameras of UTi712S consists of Laser Camera, Infrared Camera, and LED light. Details of structure instructions can be found from user manual.

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