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Long-press LED Light button for 3 seconds to turn on/off LED light. Once temperature alarm is enabled, LED light will flicker as reminder when the measured temperature exceeds the preset alarm value.

Note: Forbid to aim at eyes to avoid injury when LED light is on.

UTi260B equipped with Type-C connection port. Details of its location and connectivity operation can be found from User Manual.

Warm tips: PDF in Chinese & English can be downloaded from our website

UTi260B supports screen projection. Please refer to the steps below to enjoy it.

Download projection app “UTi-Live Screen” from our official website

Decompress the downloaded file, then install it;

Connect UTi260B to PC via original USB cable;

Set “USB camera” in Settings>USB mode;

Open UTi-Live Screen app, and UTi260B’s screen will be projected to PC automatically.

Note: Do not unplug USB cable during projection. Close projection app before unplugging USB cable after use.

After Image display mode switched to “Fusion” or “PIP”, tap “Left/Right” button to adjust fusion ratio by 25%.

Note: Fusion ratio cannot be controllable in Thermal and Digital mode.

Except Center spot, at most 3 temperature point can be added optionally.

Operating steps: Tap “SET” button to call out Tool Bar> select “Point Measurement” to add temperature point.

UTi260B supports ROI. You can touch “SET” button to call out Tool bar> select “Measurement” to enable/disable it.

Note: After ROI is enabled, Center spot temperature and auto tracking for Hi/Lo temperature function will be disabled automatically.

UTi260B supports Auto tracking for Hi/Lo temperature. You can touch “SET” button to call out Tool Bar> select “Measurement” to enable/disable “HiLo spot” (Enabled default).

Sure. UTi260B has Celsius and Fahrenheit temperature unit, which can be switched in Settings>Temperature Unit.

Temperature compensation is unavailable on UTi260B. However, we still can manually adjust parameters of “Ambient temperature” and “Measurement distance” to realize temperature compensation. Ambient temperature and Measurement distance can be adjusted in Settings>Measurements.

Press “Return” button slightly on Home screen to calibrate measurement temperature is helpful for improving stability of measurement.

UTi260B is equipped with a Digital Lens (640×480 pixels), an Infrared Lens (256×192 pixels) and Dual LED Light.

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