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Embedded World 2022 – EXhibition in Nuremberg,Germany

Uni-T participated in the Embedded World 2022 from June 21 to June 23 in Nuremberg, Germany.

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Embedded world is a unique combination of an exhibition for engineers and technical management and a world-leading conference. It is also a place where industry meets applied research,and an inspiring gathering to absorb upcoming technologies.
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During the exhibition, UNI-T  showed the product line of thermal cameras and bench instruments. The thermal cameras include portable series: UTi120P,UTi120T, heavy duty series: UTi120B,UTi260B, UTi712S, enhanced series: UTi730E and smartphone thermal cameras UTi120M.

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There are many visitors come to our booth. Our thermal camera models  are warmly welcomed by many clients. Especially for the enhanced professional model UTi730E.

We showed it with macro lens to test the PCBA board, clients can clearly see each tiny components of PCBA with this macro lens .

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