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Thermal Imaging

There are two ways to switch image modes:

Tap “SET” button on home screen to call out Menu, select the second one “Image” option, then click “SET” button again to call out submenu, select the image mode according to your need;

Tap “Right” button on home screen to enter Fusion mode, fusion proportion increases by 25% every time clicking Right button until entering Thermal mode. Oppositely, enter to Digital mode (Note: Only support to switch between Thermal, Fusion and Digital modes).

There are total 5 styles of display modes supported on UTi730E, including Thermal, Digital, Fusion, PIP, and QR. Touch SET button to call out Menu, select the second one “Image” icon to check the details.

UTi730E is equipped with an intelligentized alarm system. Once Hi/Lo Alert feature is activated, a red triangle or green inverted triangle icon will appear on the screen when the measured temperature is higher or lower than the preset values. It used to remind the users stay away from the dangerous and keep the device safe. Feature can be turned off in Settings>HI/LO Alert (It is recommended to turn on).

HI/LO icon alarm and LED flickering modes are supported on UTi730E.

UTi730E supports Chinese and English. You can switch between Chinese and English in Settings>Language according to your need.

The temperature range that UTi730E supports to measure is between -40℃~400℃ (-40℉~752℉), which can meet more requirements of usage scenarios.

UTi730E adopts high-resolution Infrared camera with 320 x 240 pixels. Outstanding performance provides clearer thermal imaging during shooting process.

UTi730E comes with a 3.5-inch IPS display screen with 640×480 pixels. Benefit by the features of IPS screen, UTi730E with high reduction degree imaging color, which makes the display effect more real. Combined with 640×480 hi-res and 3.5-inch display screen, providing a wider viewing and clear imaging.

Quad triple cameras of UTi730E consists of Dual LED light, Infrared Camera, and Digital Camera with 2MP. Details of structure instructions can be found from user manual.

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